I FIND myself in agreement with Alan Ramsay, and Road Peace, over the failings of our courts in looking to the victims before looking after the bad and dangerous drivers. The problem is, if you look at it with eyes wide open, our whole judicial system is a joke.

We see people being found guilty of crimes and then it takes the best part of a year to decide on a sentence. A sentence that does nothing to protect the public and does everything it can to make the criminal’s life as easy as possible. If anybody doubts this analysis, just look at murder cases. The accused is found guilty and has to await sentencing. Then when the judge sits again to sentence the killer and awards a “life” sentence, at which point everyone heaves a sigh of relief. However, the judge then destroys the confidence of the public by saying the killer must serve at least 16 years, or 18 years. Hello judges, since when did 16 or 18 years equate to life.

So Mr Ramsay, you have a very uphill struggle to see justice being meted out by a British court.

Desmond Magurk Bolton