I am 79 and waiting for a hip replacement and weeks ago I booked an ambulance for August 21, saying my appointment was for 10.30am.

The ambulance came at 10.50am. There were two very helpful and thoughtful people who said it was their fault as they had been very busy.

At hospital the ambulance people made sure I was all right.

I finished with the doctor at 12.30pm but was not picked up by the ambulance until 4pm.

Hospital staff were lovely and one made me a cup of tea and another wrapped me in a blanket. They made at least four calls for an ambulance, but were told it had not been booked for a return journey.

While waiting, I heard lots of people talking about the poor service from Arriva.

I would like Arriva bosses to spend months with so much pain and sleepless nights. They should be grateful for having such great staff, it is such a shame they are not treated better.

When I arrived home the driver and his mate were very helpful, so friendly and cheerful. They made everyone forget their problems for a little while.

Mrs I Fletcher Bolton