THIRTY millions pounds are sacrificed each day on cleaning the streets of England — a truly staggering figure.

Just as staggering is the 62 per cent of the population who are known to drop litter.

What is it that makes so many people care so little about their environment and the health of the nation.

Is it a mental problem as some people think, or is it the Nanny State where everything is done for them. Have we as a society created this selfish don’t care attitude. Personally I believe it is just shear ingrained bone idleness.

Council financial cut backs are forcing some residents to band together to keep their neighbourhood clean, a good cause, but a ridiculous situation when the perpetual perpetrators in 99 per cent of the cases get off scot-free because they are not detected. Furthermore some of those who have been chastised have come back with an aggressive attitude.

It is high time stronger judgment was made against the litter lout and instead of a punitive fine, perhaps two days a week (Saturday and Sunday) with a cleaning group for six months, might change their attitude.

Peter German

Highfield Road