MAY I take this opportunity to redress the balance on the letters page, as over the past couple of days Messrs Pearce, Hyland and Pritchard-Jones have been rushing into print with their left wing sentiments.

What they must surely realise by now is that the British electorate is far more intelligent than they give them credit for. The British electorate also has long memories to enable them to recall the past disasters foisted upon the country by Labour Governments.

The increasing utterances from the above named fails to mask the embarrassment of the performances of the leading Labour figures that we are being asked to place in government. Abbott, Rayner and McDonnell, key shadow figures, have all failed miserably to provide coherent explanations of Labour's policies, with Abbott even unsure as to what she was saying concerning funding for the police and the numbers she was promising to provide.

It is hardly surprising that when pressed to explain their party's position they were unable to do so. Labour's position for this election is the same as ever ....... we will spend, spend and spend even more regardless of how to properly fund such extravagant policies.

It was absolutely off the scale when Labour said that it would nationalise the water industry but had not yet decided how to fund this.

Cutting to the chase, the electorate will return a government that will tackle the economy with sound fiscal policies, will provide a Trident defence system to deter our enemies, will provide an education to all regardless of a child's parents financial circumstances, will lead us to a financially sound Brexit deal, all of which will be properly costed and affordable. And quite simply that government will be lead by Theresa May and the Conservatives. No 'pie in the sky' promises that Labour keep rolling out without any realistic hope of the country avoiding the intervention of the International Monetary Fund as is usually threatened by their ill conceived policies.

Ian Holland,