I JUST want to respond to the letter from Mr John Chappell and his unfounded comments on blaming Bolton Council for the lack of PA system and also the lack of hymn sheets.

I myself and Cllr Spencer made contact with the British Legion in Manchester, as at the last minute they had decided to close the Farnworth Branch down, as per your story recently.

After several calls were made we were advised that someone from the Lancashire area would contact us to let us know what was happening. Unfortunately that never happened.

I want to make it quite clear that Remembrance Sunday is not arranged by Bolton Council but by the British Legion and therefore it is out of the control of the councillors and the council.

Thankfully everyone tried to continue as we normally do to make sure that the parade took place.

I would personally like to thank everyone who took the time to come and walk side by side and regardless of the lack of hymn sheets and a PA system the event was extremely well attended.

We have been assured that next year the British Legion will be more organised and things will be put in place well in advance.

Cllr Jean Gillies

Farnworth Ward