I HAVE read with interest the comments made about the treatment of circus animals and decided, having never been to an animal circus, to go and see what treatment the animals were getting. As an animal lover, I hate cruelty of any kind to defenceless animals.

To the writer who wouldn’t have his or her name printed — you are talking a load of rubbish. The animals at Circus Mondao were treated with kindness and respect and were never forced to do anything that was unnatural to them.

They looked happy and well fed and the whips were just for show and never used in my presence on any animal. These animals seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the spectators.

After the show, we went to look round the enclosures which were not cages but open areas enclosed with fences. The animals were all happily munching away at their food with not a care in the world. I petted all of them and none were hand shy, which tells me that they don’t get hit or get cruelly treated.

May I suggest that if any reader wants to see animal cruelty, they should go to watch the Grand National, classed as the Sport of Kings but which is one of the most cruel animal events in this country.

Mrs C Bessell Sundridge Close Bolton