ANOTHER projected £4.5m on top of the planned £48m and that’s nearly £52m before escalation — and we still have to pay for adjustments to the roads surrounding the proposed bus station.

Heaven knows what the final bill will be. Remember that no public contract has ever come in even close to budget.

The Council leader said: “This will bring the Market Hall all on to one site so people don’t have to cross the road to get to the same market.”

May I ask what road? Bus passengers can walk to and through the whole market without crossing any road. It is a small hop, step and jump now but not in the future.

Those parking a car can walk from one side to the other without crossing any roads.

Has any councillor ever tried driving along Ashburner Street to Moor Street? I’d guess that section has not been open to traffic since the 1970s.

Does the council know that New Street is used mainly for deliveries with limited parking and no space to extend because it is bounded by the railway cutting leading into a tunnel below Moor Lane?

I would also suggest that they ask stallholders if a reduction in stall numbers and a two- year interruption to trade is in their best interests. Forget the lot. Reopen some libraries would be a better use of cash.

T Ryan Wendover Drive Bolton