You've seen the film and now you want to follow the fashion. A new website has come up with the solution to ease your search., is a movie-inspired community site, is helping ladies to combat that annual challenge of building up a stylish winter wardrobe; by looking to the big screen.

A trip to the Women’s Fashion section of allows visitors to inject glamour into their new season wardrobes by browsing through top fashion movies, identifying clothes and accessories that their favourite characters are wearing and finding out where to get them. They even offer a range of affordable high street lookalike versions for those on a budget. make sure that there is style inspiration for everyone by featuring a range of looks from blockbuster fashion filled flicks such as ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, the ‘Sex And The City’ films, ‘The Holiday’, ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ and ‘Twilight ‘.

And it doesn’t stop there, the social fashionistas who visit the site can also share their movie wardrobe knowledge by creating ‘Spots’ - clothes and accessories (or anything else for that mater) that they have seen featured in their favourite movies. This way they can share their aspired styles with and seek advice from other likeminded shoppers - just like you would on a girlie outing to the shops.

Bolton boutique particularly loves this coat that Hilary Swank wore in P.S I Love You The Bolton News: \FASHION\web\fash web.jpg jenny minard The Bolton News: FASHION\web\fash web 2.jpg

And these lovely gloves that Ashley Greene wears in New Moon

The Bolton News: FASHION\web\fash web 3.jpg The Bolton News: FASHION\web\fash web 4.jpg

Here's The Betsey Johnson Anchor necklace that Isla Fisher wore in Confessions of a Shopaholic (

The Bolton News: FASHION\web\fash web 5.jpg

The Bolton News: \FASHION\web\fash web six.jpg

The Matthew Williamson dress worn by Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City 2 (

The Bolton News: \FASHION\web\fash web 9.jpg

The Bolton News: FASHION\web\fash web 10.jpg

And look at these Gladiator Platform shoes!!!


The Bolton News: FASHION\web\fash web 7.jpg

The Bolton News: \FASHION\web\fash web 8.jpg