THE unique world of caravans and caravanners comes to life as August comes early to Bolton.

Weird happenings in the caravan park are keeping the cast of Bolton Little Theatre busy this month as they take on comedy Third Week In August.

The Peter Gordon play starts on Monday and is set in a run-down caravan holiday site in North Wales.

Taking place in - as the name suggests – the third week in August of any particular summer, the plot sees novice caravanner Sue planning a ‘get away from it all’ holiday.

Unfortunately, the spot she’s chosen turns out to be the caravan site from hell.

Director Carol Butler said: “Peter Gordon excellently captures the trials and tribulations, not to mention downright hilarity, of the British caravanning holiday.

“I’ve enjoyed many a caravan holiday but never on a site quite like this!”

The stage crew have built two caravans for the production and various camping gear has also found its way onto the stage to help bring the summer holiday to life in Bolton.

Not long after arriving at her at her doomed holiday destination Sue is soon taken under the wing of self-confessed expert caravanner, Neville played by Glenn Robinson. Glenn explains: “We’ve all met Nevilles in our lives, those people who just think they know it all, but usually don’t.”

Things go from bad to worse with the arrival of the enthusiastic Tony and his whining girlfriend, Jenny, but when Neville decides that a communal barbecue is the order of the day, things really start to unravel.

Jennifer Lee, who takes on the role of Jenny, adds: “Do you know, I think I’ve met both Tony and Jenny in my time on one holiday or another.

“In fact I think I’ve met the entire list of characters at one time or another!.”

The company promises that anyone who has ever been on or even near a caravan site will “Certainly recognise these characters – if only they were limited to the Third Week In August!

n The show runs until May 13, from 7.30pm at the theatre in Hanover Street. To book tickets call the box office on 01204 524469 or visit