We are meant to be in spring, are we not?

I mean one minute it was really sunny and I was out and about buying playsuits, shorts and all the other summery clothes and the next minute it's all clouds and gloom!

I for one am not very happy about this. The promise of a brilliant spring and summer has come crashing down and now we're in for rain and possibly hail too! This is not good people! Honestly if I could wave a magic wand and get some sun I would, the rain is so gloomy and makes you feel miserable. No wonder people just want to stay in doors. Honestly I got up this morning and looked outside, I just wanted to crawl back into bed and stay warm but oh no! I had to get up and walk to college in it!

All I can say is I really hope that this promised weather comes soon, before we all freeze over in the sinking weather! So make sure you all have wellies and a umbrella at the ready!

By Yasmin Clowes