VOTERS casting their ballot in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in Bolton said they were “voting blind” due to a lack of information.

They claimed the elections and the policies of those standing had not been advertised widely enough.

And in 45 minutes at the polling station in Bolton Town Hall’s One Stop Shop, just five people voted.

Even though voting took place yesterday, the votes for the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner candidate will be counted today in Manchester.

The decision will be announced later this afternoon.

The successful candidate will be responsible for setting priorities for Greater Manchester Police.

He will be one of 41 Police and Crime Commissioners elected to cover forces in England and Wales.

Candidates include Tony Lloyd for Labour, Matt Gallagher for the Liberal Democrats, Michael Winstanley for the Conservatives, Steven Woolfe for UKIP and independent candidate Roy Warren.

Frank Carlisle, aged 60, of Paderborn Court, Bolton, said: “I voted Labour. I think a lot more should have been done, there wasn’t enough information. It’s difficult voting blind.

“The commissioner should target drug crime and anti-social behaviour in Bolton.”

Jacquie Waddilove, aged 56, of Darcy Lever, added: “Not enough information came through the door and people who are in work haven’t got time to go looking for it.”

Mary Margaret Donnelly, aged 60, of Paderborn Court, Bolton, said: “I voted Labour. I’ve always voted Labour. The only information I’ve had is what I saw on TV the other night.”

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