TAKEAWAYS serving food in a bad environment should be made accountable, a councillor has claimed.

The comments from Cllr Ismail Ibrahim, pictured, environmental services scrutiny committee chairman, follows on from a report about the locations of takeaways in the borough.

He said: “Some culprits have the same low ratings from food hygiene officers time and time again.

One is serving junk food and one is serving food in an environment that can be much better.”

Bolton Council’s development and regeneration department is working to clampdown on the number of takeaways trying to promote healthy eating.

Cllr Sean Harkin, who represents Westhoughton North and Chew Moor, said educating people about healthy eating would help ease the problem. He added: “Rather than cracking down on takeaways through the planning system, we should look at other services like what they have in St Helens.

It’s about educating people.”

St Helens Council banned fast food outlets from being within 400m of schools and colleges last year.

Cllr Bob Allen, who represents Heaton and Lostock, said: “It’s not just takeaways it’s supermarkets, corner shops and it isn’t just schools. You think lunchtime takeaways are bad, but you want to see the ones at 3am."