SEX offenders could be given tougher sentences for the impact they have on victims under new proposals.

The Sentencing Council has launched a consultation on its proposals for how guidance for courts on sexual offences should be brought up to date.

It aims to give more focus to the impact on victims and reflect advances in technology while making sure offenders are dealt with effectively.

The move has been welcomed by Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd.

He said: “Considering the impact on the victims is absolutely spoton.

The use of victim impact statements in court is important and in the most serious cases it ought to be automatic.”

The Sentencing Council’s draft sentencing guidelines, which covers a large number of offences including rape, child sex offences, indecent images of children, trafficking and voyeurism, proposes a variety of changes to how offending is dealt with by the courts.

It could take into account the psychological and longer term effects on the victim rather than just physical harm.

This could mean factors such as stalking and previous abuse including violence can make the victim more vulnerable to harm and can be taken into account