MUMS and dads received the best Christmas presents ever — beautiful bundles of joy.

While Father Christmas was busy delivering presents, midwives at the Royal Bolton Hospital were delivering very precious gifts which will make this time of year doubly special for parents.

Alexander Booth was determined not to miss out on Christmas Day and decided to arrive a day early than expected. He was born at 5.45am weighing 8lbs 6oz.

Mum Joanne Hackney, aged 29, from Bolton, said: “His due date was Boxing Day, but the pains started at 2am on Christmas Day.

Christmas will always be extra special.”

Baby Alexander has two brothers, Leo, aged 11 months, and Connor, aged 11.

Kyle Moores was always going to be special and his arrival has made Christmas Day more magical for Sarah Finlay whose first son was stillborn in July, 2011.

Miss Finlay, from Harwood, was admitted to hospital on Sunday to be induced. Kyle arrived at 4.05am weighing 6lbs 7oz.

The 28-year-old said: “It didn’t matter to me what day he was born as long as he was okay. But it will make this time of year extra special— he is the best present.”

Lauren Buck, aged 19, from Tyldesley, was expecting baby Joshua on December 27, but the newborn had other ideas and arrived 3.42am on Christmas Day, weighing 8lbs 2oz.

Miss Buck said: “My other son, Zak, turns three next Thursday, and he is excited about having a brother.

“I wasn’t expecting him to be born on Christmas Day. I was pretty shocked, but Christmas will be doubly special and he will get two sets of presents.”

Maegen Wilkinson, aged 24, was expecting her daughter Ethea to arrive in the new year, but instead she arrived three weeks and a day early.

Ethea was born at 5.30am weighing 5lbs 10oz.

Miss Wilkinson, who lives in Belmont with her partner Adrian Bullock, said: “It is the best present. She is my first.” Mr Bullock, aged 25, added: “She will receive two sets of presents and will be spoilt rotten.”

Harry John Easton was certainly waiting for Christmas Day to be born, arriving at 3.43am weighing 7lbs 1oz.

Mum Alison Easton, aged 36, from Radcliffe, spent three days in labour. She said: “He is my first and I can’t quite believe it, it feels surreal. Christmas will be more special.”

Dad Robert Easton, aged 37, added: “He will have two birthdays, one in the summer so he will have something to look forward to later on in the year.”

Another baby who will be enjoying two birthdays will be Amelie Walker who was born at 6.54am, weighing 9lbs 5oz. She is the third daughter for Claire and Darryll Walker.

Mrs Walker, aged 33, who lives in Heaton, said: “Lucy, who is aged 14, is saving some of her Christmas presents for Amelie.

“Amelie was five days late and I was in the hospital about 19 minutes before she was born.”

Amelie’s surprise arrival meant Mrs Walker’s brother David Mullin was left in charge of Christmas dinner.

Mr Walker, aged 39, said: “We were talking about having a second birthday on June 25, so she has half on Christmas Day and the other half six months after.”

Mum and baby were allowed home to enjoy Christmas Day with their family including their other daughters Lucy and five-year-old Niamh.