MOTORISTS are being warned to be vigilant after a wave of car break ins.

There were seven smash-and-grab attacks on parked cars over the weekend.

Insp Wayne Readfern, from the Bolton East Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Car crime can be a big worry for motorists.

“Protect your car by following our simple advice — it might just be enough to deter thieves from targeting your car.”

The advice includes making sure the windows are closed and doors are locked.

Police also advise people not to leave anything on display.

Ins Readfern added: “Even an old coat or plastic bag can be a tempting target for a thief.

“Don't keep valuables or important documents in the glove box.

“Leave the glove box open to show there’s nothing inside.

“Keep your car keys in a safe place, even in your house, so that someone breaking in cannot steal your car too.”