A MOTHER suffered burns to her face and hands when she was injured in an oven “blast” at a deli.

Debbie Halls-Evans, aged 42, was injured in the blast at Delicieux in Moss Bank Way at 8.20am yesterday.

She was treated at hospital but is now recovering at home.

It is understood she was preparing food and opened the oven and to check it was warm and it blew out due to a fault.

It singed her hair and eyebrows, and caused superficial burns to her face, neck and hands.

The restaurant, formerly known as Zest Fine Foods, has only been open for 13 days.

But it has already been popular with customers, including actress Amy Nuttall who Tweeted about the “truly yummy” food.

Mrs Halls-Evans’ daughter Beth Halls, aged 21, said: “My mum does the cooking and she was just preparing the food when this happened.

“My sister rang me and she was in tears, and I got a lift there straight away as I was shaking and in no state to drive.

“She has been discharged from hospital now and needs to be monitored as she inhaled gas. She is in quite a lot of pain and her hair, eyebrows and nose hair has been singed.

“The oven has been removed and it was due to a fault. We have only been open 13 days, and my mum said it is our unlucky number.”

The deli was closed yesterday and is expected to reopen today. The police, fire service, ambulance, and National Grid all attended the incident.

A council spokesman said the environmental health team is investigating.

Richard Cort, a Bury-based businessman and landlord of the building, said: “There hasn’t been an explosion. The woman suffered singed hair, and some burns, which is why she had to be assessed.”

Mr Cort, who ran the Zest deli there until it closed last year, said National Grid inspectors and a plumber were satisfied the building was safe.