HORWICH Fairtrade Group has thanked everyone who helped the town make up the national total of more than one million steps towards fairtrade last year.

Steps were made by people taking part in Fairtrade Fortnight coffee mornings at local churches and Horwich Resource Centre.

They also included those who supported the group at the Horwich Festival of Racing. Now, people are being asked to support fairtrade in 2013, including Fairtrade Fortnight, between February 25 and March 10.

Schools are being asked to take part by organising their own coffee mornings.

Students and staff at Rivington and Blackrod High School have organised a series of sessions for children in primary schools to promote the use of fairtrade products.

Other schools have organised events and a table top sale with fairtrade refreshments will take place at Horwich Resource Centre, on February 23, between 10am to 12pm.

Barbara Ronson, chairman of Horwich Fairtrade Group, said: “These are not just numbers, every step registered allowed more farmers and workers in developing countries to work towards a better standard of living — investing in basic things we take for granted, like hospitals, schools, clean drinking water and electricity.

“And all by simply buying Fairtrade versions of the products you eat, drink or wear every day.”