A PAEDOPHILE has been jailed for eight-and-a-half years for a catalogue of sex offences against young boys.

Brian Anderton, aged 48, has also been banned from buying nappies for life after Bolton Crown Court heard how he forced his victims to wear them.

Anderton was convicted more than 30 years after some of the 18 sex assaults took place.

Andrew Ford, prosecuting, told the court yesterday how the abuse took place in Deane between 1980 and 1985 and involved three boys.

His youngest victim was aged just four.

Anderton subjected one of his victims — who 17 of the charges relate to — to abuse over five years when the boy was aged between seven and 12.

He called his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, “his baby” and repeatedly made him wear a nappy.

Two counts relate to gross indecency against two other boys under 16. He gave them sweets as a “reward”.

One of the victims was abused on a golf course — and forced to wear a nappy — and was also abused in a home.

The court heard the victim, who the majority of charges relate to, ran away from Bolton, wanted to commit suicide and still has nightmares.

Another of Anderton’s victims reported him to police in the 1990s.

He initially admitted the offences but later denied them and the case was not continued.

The victim tried to take his own life and felt he had “done wrong”, the court heard.

Anderton’s third victim, who was aged just four when the abuse took place 28 years ago, was told his parents would be killed if he told anyone.

He turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the abuse.

David Morton, defending, said Anderton was an “extremely sad individual” who saw himself as a victim. He said prison seemed to suit him as he was healthier and cleaner since being remanded in custody.

Judge Peter Davies, sentencing Anderton, said: “You have no remorse. That concerns me to be anxious about your attitude to offending.

“The evidence of one of the victims was disturbing and yet compelling. You had a disturbed childhood with bizarre sexual fantasies.”

Anderton was sentenced to six years in prison for two counts of gross indecency with a boy under 16, which will run concurrently with 12 lower sentences for gross indecency offences.

A 12-month term for two further counts of gross indecency and 18-months imprisonment for a count of indecent assault will run consecutively to the six years.

Anderton must comply with a sexual offenders’ prevention order for life, which includes never buying nappies again.

He was also banned from working with children for life.