TECH experts have revamped the Bolton Council website in a bid to make savings.

After six months of preparation, web designers have launched the new-look pages.

They have removed 800 pages, made information more concise, and checked that the website displays the same data that the Town Hall’s phone operators provide.

A council spokesman said: “We know that most customers who contact the council want to find information and be reassured that it is accurate.

“In previous layouts it was difficult to find your way to the page you needed unless you knew how the council is organised. Very often, customers would need to phone up instead.”

The improved website could result in fewer people phoning the council as they seek answers for their questions online, freeing up Town Hall staff.

It is also easier to maintain, has a more effective search engine, and works better on smart phones.

The spokesman added: “The redesign was developed by Access Bolton’s digital development team on existing council systems, so there were no additional costs to build it.

“The team is based within the contact centre, so they can get an understanding of how and why customers contact the council and how the experience can be more reassuring when it is done online.”

The team plans to introduce online accounts in future, allowing people to check their council tax bill using their computers.

l The website address is