A DISABLED man who has been housebound for seven years is searching for a builder who owes him more than £30,000.

A county court judgement in March last year ordered the builder, Michael Lally, to re-pay the £30,000, plus £3,941.42 in interest, which would increase at a rate of £6.58 per day.

But his victim, Paul Faulkner, from Astley Bridge, has not had a penny. With accumulated interest, Mr Faulkner is now owed nearly £40,000.

The 52-year-old, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, and lives with his 82-year-old mother, initially wanted to convert the garage of his home into a disabled-friendly apartment.

He said Mr Lally, who was known to the family, drew up plans to convert his garage before coming to him with an idea to build a new house on land in Crompton Way.

In 2009, Mr Faulkner gave him a cheque for £30,000.

Mr Faulkner, who used to work as a chef but is now unable to because of his condition, said: “He said it would be about £50,000 for the whole project, but he would need £30,000 to buy all the initial materials. He never started work on the house. I feel extremely stupid. I should have given the money in increments, but I trusted the guy.

“I can see very little chance of me getting my £30,0000 back and I am unable to work, so can’t replenish it through working.

“I have spent a few thousand pounds in solicitor’s fees. As the months go by I still have to pay my bills and I get poorer and poorer.”

Mr Faulkner hired Kippax Beaumont Lewis Solicitors, who obtained a judgement at Preston County Court on March 7, last year, ordering Mr Lally to repay the money, the interest and the claimant’s costs.

Despite the judgement, which will remain against the builder’s name for six years unless he re-pays the money, Mr Lally, who used to live in Rivington, has not returned any money to Mr Faulkner and sheriffs have been unable to find his new address. Mr Faulkner said he is concerned it could happen to somebody else and wants to find out where he has moved to.