A FORMER type two diabetes sufferer is celebrating “curing” herself after losing more than three stone at her local weight loss club.

Maureen Jones had suffered from the disease for the last 17 years.

A year ago the 72-year-old, from Bromley Cross, was struggling with out-of-control blood sugars and taking a cocktail of six tablets per day, prompting her to consult her doctor.

And following his advice to join her local slimming club, the pensioner has now been cleared of any signs of type two diabetes and no longer needs to take the medication.

Mrs Jones said: “Nobody is more amazed than me that I have lost it. It’s tremendous. My GP said it has effectively extended my life because type two diabetes is a life-threatening disease.

“I will always have my eyes and feet checked as is normal with the disease but I feel absolutely miles better.

“I have more energy, my blood sugars are normal and my overall health has improved dramatically.” And she says her achievement would not have been possible without the support and encouragement she received from the Bromley Cross Slimming World and in particular her class leader, Clare Green.

Mrs Jones said: “I was very sceptical having tried numerous diets over the years with little lasting success.

“I remember Clare saying to me, ‘Trust me, it will work’. Each week with cheerful determination and empathy she makes every one of us believe that we can do this. I could not have done this without the support and encouragement from the other members of the class, and most significantly, without Clare’s help, dedication and inspiration.”

Despite the good news, Mrs Jones revealed she would continue to lose weight and meet her chosen target through healthy controlled eating. She added: “It takes courage to take that first step, to attend that first meeting, particularly on your own. As a senior citizen I wish I had done this years ago. But type two diabetes is a life-threatening disease so it is imperative I retain the weight loss.”