A MURDER suspect has told a jury how he lost part of his leg in a train accident in Holland.

Joseph Davies, aged 36, is accused of “fleeing” to Holland after murdering his expartner, Kelly Davies, on June 2 last year, which he denies.

Giving evidence in his defence, Davies told Manchester Crown Court he had been drinking on a beach in The Hague and wanted to return to Amsterdam.

He said: “I just remember walking across (the line) because I was on the wrong side for the train and there was another train coming.

“I remember trying to get between the trains and I must have caught my foot.

My next recollection was waking up in hospital. I'm not sure if it was a tram or a train.”

Davies has pleaded not guilty to murder. In a letter written by Davies, of no fixed address, after he was arrested, he said being accused of murder after trying to make a fresh start was “just my luck”.

He said: “I woke up in hospital and was told I was under arrest. I had no clue about Kelly. I was very upset.”

Prosecutor Peter Wright QC asked Davies why he was seen on CCTV running along Market Street in Farnworth shortly after 31- year-old Ms Davies was stabbed to death in her Queen Street home.

He said: “If I’ve got to go somewhere I will jog or run.

Believe it or not I'm a long distance runner. I can run 10km in 50 minutes.”

He told the court he might have told a taxi marshall that he was going to watch Euro 2012 but said it was because he had no particular place to go.

Davies said he left the country because his relationship with Ms Davies had no future and he had been to Europe before and liked it.

Defence witness Janet Vale, from Tonge Moor, told the court she saw Ms Davies alive on Sunday, some time after 3pm, banging on a friend’s window in Crossmoor Drive, Tonge Moor.

The prosecution allege that Ms Davies was killed on Saturday evening, before Davies left the country in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The court heard Miss Vale’s son is in a relationship with Davies’ estranged half sister.

The case continues.