ASPIRING binman Charlie Greenall had his wish granted for the second time when he went on a surprise visit to a recycling centre to celebrate his fifth birthday.

Last month the youngster, who wants to become a binman at the age of 18, was treated to a tour of Bolton Council’s bin depot.

And on February 13 Charlie had another treat when he was given a guided tour around Recycle for Greater Manchester’s household waste recycling centre in Hurstwood Court, Bolton.

Charlie, a pupil at St Peter’s Primary School in Farnworth, has been obsessed with bins since he was a baby and his mum Andrea Greenall says he regularly tells his family what to put in different bins.

After a family friend helped organise the tour of the bin depot in January, delighted Charlie said he wants to become a binman when he leaves school.

When Neil Brown, the father of Charlie’s schoolfriend Maizie, heard about his tour of the bin depot, he decided to organise a special trip to the recycling centre where he works.

Mr Brown, who also works at Arkwright Street Recycling Centre, revealed the surprise to Charlie at his birthday party the week before.

He said: “Charlie had a fantastic time and after seeing what happens at the recycling centre and the different sorts of jobs people do he may want to keep his options open.”

Charlie was given a tour of the recycling centre and learnt how materials are reused, recycled or recovered for energy.

He also saw the vehicles in action and looked inside the furnace at the energy from waste facility next door.

Centre manager Ian Haslam, from Viridor, said: “It was great to meet someone so keen about recycling at such a young age.”