FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning about the dangers of using candles in hotel rooms after a blaze at the Travelodge in River Street, Bolton.

The fire broke out at about 3pm on Friday after tealights dotted about the room, which had not been placed in proper candle holders, set fire to bedding.

The smoke alarm alerted residents to the blaze and all were safely evacuated from the hotel.

Watch commander Ian Ainsworth, from Bolton Central fire station, praised the hotel staff for getting everyone out quickly and safely.

He said: “The hotel acted brilliantly in ensuring everybody was out.

“The smoke alarm activated and the damage to the third floor room was minimal.”

But he added: “Using candles in hotel rooms is putting other people at risk.

“If you are using candles at home ensure they are placed in a proper receptacle.”

Firefighters were on the scene for around 30 minutes.