A SPECTACULAR community firework display and fun fair will burst into colour and action on Friday, November 1 at Leverhulme Park.

The event has been organised by Bolton Council and Bolton at Home, with Stanley John Cubbins Amusements, Celebration Displays and Tower FM.

The fun starts at 6pm with the opening of the fair.

Some fantastic rides will be on offer together with traditional favourites such as black peas, toffee apples and candy-floss.

Presenters from Tower FM will be hosting the event from 7pm and will entertain the crowds until 8pm when Mayor and Mayoress of Bolton, Cllr Colin and Dee Shaw, will start the fireworks.

The night sky will be filled with an amazing display of sights and sounds, as the fireworks explode to the accompaniment of music.

Cllr Colin Shaw said: “It’s a great honour to start this year’s community firework display.

“It is a magical time of the year which brings families and friends together to enjoy spectacular fireworks and organised displays are the safest and the best way to enjoy them.

“This event with the support of our sponsors, sparks off a fantastic range of events in the run up to Christmas.

“Bolton is a great place for families and for great family events and visitors are warmly welcomed to join in the fun.”

Stewards will be present throughout the event.

They provide visitors with a safe environment to enjoy Bolton’s biggest and best display.

To ensure everyone’s safety, visitors are asked only to attend an official bonfire such as this one and not to bring their own fireworks or sparklers to the event.

Residents are asked to call the council’s contact centre if they see a bonfire being built on what they think is council land and is close to property, other buildings or trees.

For safety reasons any bonfires built on council land will be treated as fly tipping and, as such, will be removed as soon as possible.

If residents see a bonfire that they believe could be dangerous on private land then they are asked to contact Fire Stoppers on the number 0800 9239999.

Go here to see a full list of Bonfire Night events across Bolton.