A PUB which was badly damaged in an arson attack has re-opened.

The Crofters Bar and Restaurant in Bradshaw Road, Bradshaw, was closed for two weeks following the attack in November.

It has been repainted and recarpeted, while the furniture has been professionally cleaned, and the lighting has been changed.

Gary Patterson, manager of the pub, said: “It’s such a massive relief to see this place looking as good as new.

“The mood in the camp was terrible after the fire — we were all arguing and it was very, very frustrating having to close.

“It’s been a struggle to get it up and running, but we’ve all stuck together and everybody is happy now.

“People have said they are surprised at how quickly we got it open, but we got hands on and this is the result of hard work.

“It’s like a brand new start — 2014 is going to be the best year this place has had.”

Mr Patterson, aged 54, from Harwood, doubled up on the number of cleaners and contractors carrying out work in the pub to get it open early.

The community spirit surrounding the pub was the main motivation for getting it reopened, according to Leon Warburton, a member of staff at the pub.

Mr Warburton, aged 21, of Harwood, said: “It’s been a lot of hard work for everybody at Crofters.

“We didn’t think it would be possible to reopen before Christmas.

“Credit to the customers, they’ve all stood by us and they’ve been great.

“This pub is their community and, as long as people keep coming back, we will go from strength to strength.”

Jackie Hood, aged 47, who lives near the pub, added: “We didn’t want it to become a derelict building, because the staff have worked really hard to build the business up.

“I’m very pleased to see it open and I can’t wait to go back in.”