A PATIENT who threatened to cut people’s throats and urinated near the entrance of Royal Bolton Hospital has avoided being sent to jail.

William Smith, aged 24, turned up at the hospital in Minerva Road, Farnworth, in the early hours of November 9 and made threats to staff saying he would harm people.

Steve Woodman, prosecuting at Bolton Magistrates Court on Friday, said: “At 6am he was there shouting obscenities in front of patients.

“He demanded to be sectioned and said he would smash the place up.

“He started threatening to stab his mum and grandmother even though they were not there. He said ‘if you don’t get me seen I’m going to get people’s throats cut. Get me seen or I will kill someone’. He was seen urinating in the entrance.”

Staff alerted police who arrested Smith, of York Avenue, Tyldesley, and found he was in possession of cannabis.

Nurse Amanda Haigh was said to be “shocked and disgusted”.

She had never been treated like that in more than 10 years as a nurse.

Smith was said to have no recollection of the incident.

Bill Pearson, defending, said: “His behaviour was pretty grotesque — he and I accept that.

“He doesn’t try to excuse his behaviour; he has no logical reason for his behaviour.

“He would like to apologise to the nurse. He has had to explain this to his family.

“He has no idea why he said he would harm members of his family as he has no problems with any of them. He has disclosed this to his employer and can continue to work if his behaviour is acceptable.”

Smith, who fits flooring for a living, had 18 previous convictions. He admitted the public order offence and possessing cannabis.

Chairman of the bench Gillian Knowles said: “The public order offence took place in a hospital in front of many elderly members of the public.

“You were foul-mouthed and abusive in front of them and you urinated in front of them.

“The main victim was a woman who was going about her duty.”

Smith was sentenced to a 12-week prison term suspended for 12 months, and told to complete a thinking skills programme, to address his offending, and a 12-month supervision requirement.

He was also ordered to pay nurse Haigh £100 compensation, fined £135 for possessing cannabis, and told to pay £85 costs and a victim surcharge.