THERE are no excuses for a child not achieving their potential, according to the head of a Bolton primary school which has been officially recognised as one of best in the country.

SS Simon and Jude’s CE Primary in Great Lever is among the top one per cent of schools for the progress its children make during their time there.

Since 2011, the school has consistently moved up the league table for the number of children who achieve over and above expectations.

This measure is achieved using the value-added score, from being in the top three per cent to the top one per cent, based on its performance in the most recent key stage two national curriculum tests.

The figures are a far cry from 2008 when the school — which is now classed as good with outstanding features — was classed as “failing” and placed into special measures by the authorities.

Headteacher Simon Bramwell said: “Being able to maintain the highest level of progress for our children over a sustained period ensures that we get as close as we can get to unlocking the potential of all of our pupils.

“The staff throughout school deserve huge credit for the unstinting way in which they value each individual child irrespective of their latent ability.”

About half the children left the primary school achieving the more challenging level five, which is even more of an achievement considering many begin their schooling with starting points lower than their peers in the national sphere.

Mr Bramwell said that many children make three levels of progress and some four levels, with some achieving level six at the end of key stage two, which is over and above what is expected of them.

He added: “There is no difference between the achievements of boys and girls here.

“We will not accept excuses, such as being from a underprivileged background, for not achieving.

“Our expectations are high and removing those barriers make for better than average progress, with 60 per cent of children making three levels of progress.”