DOMESTIC violence campaigner Eve Thomas has won more support in her crusade calling for legislation to protect victims.

The 45-year-old from Astley Bridge is calling for Eve’s Law to be introduced, which would prevent victims of domestic abuse having their address disclosed in open court.

Now the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Comm-issioner, Shaun Wright, has written to the Government, calling for it to be introduced in legislation.

His deputy Tracey Cheetham has been leading on the issue of domestic violence, as part of the Commissioner’s priority to protect the most vulnerable.

Ms Cheetham met with Ms Thomas, a survivor of domestic abuse.

She said: “It is utterly inconceivable for a court to have to publicly release a victim’s safe-house address and put them at risk of further abuse. The Justice System should protect victims, not endanger them.”

“I have met so many victims over the past year, including Eve, and have been shocked at what some of them have endured. I have also been amazed at the bravery and strength they demonstrate in moving on with their lives.”

Ms Thomas escaped a violent relationship after which her former partner was convicted of battery and subjected to legal restriction, preventing him from contacting her, an order he breached on several occasions.

While defending an unrelated civil issue in court, Ms Thomas discovered a legal loop-hole that would allow her safe-house address to be made publicly available to her former partner.

She said: “Since launching the campaign last September, I have been inundated with victims who have come forward and this has highlighted bad practice up and down the country.”

Mr Wright has also written to other PCCs, urging them to join the campaign.

Ms Cheetham said: “I am convinced that Eve’s Law is just one step that we must take to ensure that victims of domestic violence are helped and supported in moving on and living without constant fear.”