A ROW has erupted afer highways chiefs refused to install traffic calming measures on a road branded a “racing track”.

Residents of Bradshaw Road, along with Bradshaw councillor Stuart Haslam, say the road needs to be better controlled by speed cameras and more signs warning people to slow down.

The A road, which runs between Bolton and Bury, and alongside Bradshaw Wood and the Jumbles Reservoir, has 50mph, 40mph and 30mph zones, but there are no speed cameras or electronic speed signs.

Roy Adams, aged 68 who lives on the road, said: “Bradshaw Road is like a racing track — it’s frightening.

“I’ve got great grandchildren and if one of them were to walk on to the road, it would be curtains.

“When I tell people to slow down, all I get is a load of abuse.”

Dinah Hill, aged 69, who has lived on the road for 45 years, said: “Considering there are tight bends and parts of this road have only got one narrow pavement, the speed some of these vehicles are doing is ridiculous.

“I’m very concerned that something serious is going to happen.”

Bolton Council said the enforcement of speed limits was down to police and that there was no accident data to support introducing further speed restrictions on the road.

The area’s residents attended the Bradshaw area forum last month to raise their concerns, and Cllr Haslam said: “This road is a very real problem.

“Speed restrictions need enforcing.

“When I went down there, there were some really nasty cases of bad driving.

“The potential implic-ations of this bad driving could be horrific.

“We keep pressuring the police to do something but their view is that there is a health and safety issue with putting speed radar on the road.”

A council spokesman said: “There are no current proposals to amend the speed limit on Bradshaw Road and enforcement of the speed limit is the responsibility of the police.

“We would urge motor-ists to drive responsibly and stick to the speed limit.

“There is also no accident data that would support taking action on this route.”

and in terms of future speed restriction schemes we are limited, as the funds we have access to for highways schemes have been greatly reduced from the levels we had in previous years.”