A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy was left with horrific burns on his foot after a routine visit to the family doctor.

Rebecca Bentley made an appointment with her son's GP after his feet started to become sore with verrucas.

She and her son, Leon, were given an appointment with Dr Nadia Amir — a GP registrar — at the Heaton Medical Centre, on Monday, February 10.

After inspecting Leon’s verrucas, Dr Amir treated the verrucas with a freeze spray and applicator.

Mum of three Mrs Bentley, aged 37, who also fosters three children, said: “It was so awful what happened. I told her we had tried to treat them using gel and other remedies from the chemist, none of which had worked.

“She then fetched a cylinder of the freezing solutions and just started applying it to his feet. As she did it, I could see the spray streaming down his foot to his ankle.

“I didn’t like to challenge her, but it didn’t look right. I put my hand down to catch the fluid and she nudged my hand away. When she’d finished, Leon seemed okay, so I took him home.”

But that night at their home in Hollywood Road, Smithills, Leon “sobbed and moaned” with pain.

Two days later Mrs Bentley, aged 37, discovered large blisters beneath the verruca on his heel and took him to A&E.


She added: “It was really upsetting because when I picked him up from school he was in agony and that’s when I realised he had been burned by the freezing fluid.

“It was obviously hurting him. When I took him to A&E, they confirmed it was a burn and dressed it. This kind of freeze spray is clearly a dangerous substance that should be used with extreme care.”

Mrs Bentley has since made an official complaint to the Heaton Medical Centre, which issued an apology.

A surgery spokesman said Dr Amir was on pre-arranged annual leave “for the next few weeks”.

Dr Dharmesh Mistry, a GP partner at the practice, added: “We cannot comment on individual complaints due to patient confidentiality.

“We take all complaints very seriously and have launched our own internal investigation into this matter.”