A UGANDAN orphan choir wowed a 360-strong Bolton audience on the latest leg of its annual world tour.

The eight to 16-year-olds attached to the charity Watoto, which arranges housing and schooling for children whose parents have died of poor sanitation or HIV, performed at the Kings Church in Millfield Road.

The Concert of Hope was a combination of music and stories from the children about their experiences growing up in poverty in Africa, before Watoto’s intervention.

Watoto’s founder, Marilyn Skinner, also visited Kings Church last week to tell parishioners how she came to start the charity, which is based in Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Chris Case, from Kings Church, said: “I thought it would be really good to profile it and make people aware of what they are doing.

“All the children are orphans and most have been since they were very small, because of HIV and other diseases.

“It is so inspiring to see these guests that have come from such poor backgrounds, and their attitude is delightful.”

Kings, which is based in an industrial unit in Millfield Road, Breightmet, has a long-standing association with the choir.

Mr Case said: “This will be the fourth time that Watoto has visited us.

“It is a nice opportunity to get a positive story in the press, and the journeys some of these children have made certainly are that.”

Watoto’s choir embarks on a five-month fundraising tour of the world every year, with different children in the group each time.

At their various calling points, every child in the party stays with a local family.

There was no ticket charge for the Kings Church concert, but a collection was held, the proceeds of which were donated to Watoto.