A FEMALE sparrowhawk has escaped from a Bolton factory after being trapped inside for three days.

The bird flew out of the goods delivery door of Heightvale Ltd this morning, after chasing and fighting with a magpie, which got away.

The magpie had been feasting on the meat and dead baby chicks which staff at the factory had offered the sparrowhawk in an attempt to free it.

Business development manager James White, from the building contractor firm, said: “Everybody here is happy the bird has managed to escape.

“The risk factor has been reduced and the bird is hopefully back in familiar surroundings.

“Ultimately, our team work has paid off. Everybody managed the situation well and kept as quiet as possible so the bird didn’t get too agitated.”

Currently located on the Spa Road Industrial Estate, near the town centre, Heightvale Ltd is a damage management company, involved in building and contents re-instatement, and has been at the premises for 12 years.