KERBSTONES which are marked by Bolton’s industrial heritage will be preserved in a new apartment complex.

Markings which display where tannery cartwheels ground into the pavement almost 200 years ago will be kept as part of the planned 10-storey building at the junction of Bark Street and St Helena Road.

Cllr John Walsh received assurances from developer Bark Street Investments during a meeting of Bolton’s planning committee.

The building which will consist of seven storeys and 10 storeys will include 16 three-bedroom apartments, a food store, a warehouse and offices.

Cllr Walsh, who represents Astley Bridge, said he was thrilled that the developers had listened to his concerns about the landmark, thought to be dated as early as 1815.

He said: “It’s part of Bolton’s rich industrial heritage, and sadly we have lost many examples of our heritage. Protecting it is important.

“The carts would have been laden with cattle skins to go to the tannery to be made into leather, so it would have been very heavy to have a grinding effect on the road.

"I don’t know of anywhere else that has these markings — to find them on a hill, and on a bend to slow down the carts, is unusual.

“I’m glad I had my opportunity to raise it in planning committee — now we’ve got to make sure it happens.”