A TOWN centre cafe has bounced back from a damning food inspection by achieving a five star rating — the highest grading.

Cappuccinos, at the Knowsley Street entrance to the Market Place shopping centre, was found to be in need of “major improvement” when inspectors gave it a one-star hygiene rating in December due to issues involving cleaning, hot water and staff training.

But, after the cafe was revisited, inspectors found there were “very good” hygiene standards and safety procedures.

As a result, Cappuccinos has regained a maximum score, having held a five-star rating before last December’s report.

Cappuccinos bosses say they are delighted with the new score and feel that the report carried out in December was not a fair reflection of the cafe’s hygiene standards.

John Muller, managing director of Cappuccinos, said: “I’m delighted to get a five-star rating.

“As a cafe, we intend to maintain as high a standard as possible.

“I thought that the initial report was harsh and unjust — I’ve been in charge of Cappuccinos since 1997, and I’d never been in this situation before. We all took it very personally that we allowed this to happen.

“I didn’t believe for one minute that we deserved a one-star rating, but certain people had to take responsibility and face the music.

“It will never, ever happen again.”

A Bolton Council spokesman added: “Cappuccinos was inspected on March 5 as a result of a revisit request by the business.

“Essentially, revisit requests are carried out as unannounced food hygiene inspections. On the most recent inspection, there was very good compliance with food hygiene and safety procedures and with structural requirements.

“In addition, an appropriate food safety management system had been implemented with suitable staff training in place.

“We are very pleased with the improvements made by the business and trust that these will be maintained to ensure that Cappuccinos retains its Food Hygiene rating of 5 in future.”