DOMESTIC violence campaigner Eve Thomas has welcomed an announcement from MP Theresa May that will boost her Eve’s Law campaign.

The announcement was made as Clare’s Law was rolled out nationally — a scheme which will provide victims with information about their partner’s past.

Home secretary Ms May released a statement about the scheme, and added at the end that the plan would include a “commitment to put in place a new code of practice to ensure that safe addresses of victims of domestic and sexual abuse are protected, for example in court cases unrelated to their abuse”.

Ms Thomas, from Astley Bridge, has been campaigning for legislation to ensure victims of domestic abuse do not have their safe-house addresses released, and has won wide-spread support for her campaign from a number of MPs, including shadow justice secretary Dan Jarvis.

Ms Thomas, who suffered 21 years’ of abuse from her ex-husband has been helped by human rights barrister David Malone since her ordeal at an unrelated civil court case last year where she was pressured to disclose her own safe address.

The 45-year-old said: “What Theresa May has said is fantastic news for the Eve’s Law campaign. It’s a massive step in the right direction.

“We welcome the announcement that the government acknowledges that there are serious problems with the disclosure of the confidential details of victims by the courts and other organisations.

“The evidence we have submitted to the Ministry of Justice, which has been accepted by the government, clearly demonstrates that victims have been, and continue to be, put at risk of serious harm.

“A new code of practice, of the sort we suggested to the Ministry Of Justice, is a significant step in the right direction.

“However there is still a way to go to make that legislation — it needs to be robust, and if it is breached there needs to be a comeback on it.”