THE trial of a man accused of threatening his neighbour with an air gun has been turned into a “James Bond thriller”, a court heard.

David Snape is alleged to have threatened Mr Bond (that's John Bond - not James) with a gas-powered BB gun after going to his home in Gregson Field, Daubhill, in August last year.

Bolton Crown Court has previously heard Mr Bond was able to disarm 57-year-old Snape, who then sat outside the flat and asked a passerby to try to retrieve the weapon.

Snape, also of Gregson field, who denies possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, chose not to give evidence at the trial.

Louise Brandon, prosecuting, told the jury: "You may have seen this trial turning into some sort of James Bond thriller.

“During the trial we have heard conspiracy theories that Mr Bond is some sort of weapons expert and there were CSI style queries about missing evidence — perhaps at the start of the trial Instead of giving you the charge sheet I should have offered you some popcorn.

“There have been twists and turns but it has been clear from the start who the villain is, and the prosecution says it is the defendant.”

Ms Brandon had previously told the jury that Mr Bond was in his flat when the intercom rang and he heard a neighbour he knew as Dave — or Peanut — on the other end.

Mr Bond opened his door a little way and was confronted by an angry Snape.

Snape accused Mr Bond of talking about him to another neighbour. Mr Bond went back into his flat with the weapon and called police.

The court was told that Snape has previously served a four-year jail term for firearms offences.

The trial continues.