I WILL start by apologising. This column will consist almost entirely of me whinging, so look away now if you want to avoid my take on Mr Angry.

This week’s subject is that age-old favourite that gets everyone’s goat —– manners.

TransPennine Express recently tweaked an evening rush-hour service from Bolton to Preston, meaning it leaves Bolton a few minutes earlier.

The change is good for me as it means I get home earlier . . . if I make it.

Where possible, I leave work slightly earlier than I did before, giving me just as much time to board as I used to.

However, the train in question arrives into Bolton earlier than it used to and waits for four minutes before leaving, creating a problem.

As I arrive at the station, an army of passengers emerges from the train and blocks the entire breadth of the stairs, making it almost impossible for me and a few others to reach the platform.

This could be avoided if people would stay on the left of the stairs, but that appears to be asking too much.

A couple of times I have had to take the lift down to the platform in a desperate and failed attempt to make the train.

Missing the train does not really bother me — it is the principle of people not showing good manners.

As I have said in this column before, it is sad when we reach the point where adults need a sign to tell them to avoid being selfish.

But there are ‘keep to the left’ signs at Preston station and people seem to follow the request.

For my own sanity, I think it is time the signs were brought in at Bolton.

Then at least you will not have to read my whingery.