YOUNG archaeologists dug deep to reveal and share the secrets of the prehistoric age.

Since the beginning of term, children have been busy unearthing facts about when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

And the bright young things presented their exciting findings at a special exhibition at Haslam Park Primary School.

Key stage one children at the school in Deane have been studying the pre-historic age, researching dinosaurs using the internet and books as well as speaking to specialists from Bolton Museum and Library about fossils and the information they reveal.

To celebrate the end of the project pupils opened up their own mini-museum so reception children could find out about the Jurassic age.

As part of the display the children created their own dinosaur fossils and 3D models — and produced posters to advertise and market the exhibition.

Amy Parton, key stage one teacher, said: “The dinosaur exhibition looked really good, the children really enjoyed it.

“They have been learning about dinosaurs all term and we had a person in from Bolton Library talking about fossils and organised a fossil dig in the school hall using blankets to the cover the fossils.”

Daniel Lucenic, aged five, said: “I liked learning about Velociraptors on the iPads and my favourite part of the topic was writing a dinosaur story.”

Amirah Master, aged six, added: “I liked writing dinosaur facts and answering the Reception children’s questions.”