A FAILED robber who tried to hold up a betting shop with a pair of scissors has been jailed.

Sam Worthington grabbed a customer, who was sitting in the William Hill shop in Glynne Street, Farnworth, around the neck and tried to take him hostage.

But Bolton Crown Court heard his victim, Mohammed Hussain, struggled free and 21-year-old Worthington fled the shop after unsuccessfully demanding money from the assistant manager, Rudesh Fendlen.

Adrian Farrow, prosecuting, told the court how Worthington, dressed in a distinctive track suit top and hooded jumper, which was pulled tight around his face to disguise his identity, walked into the shop just before 7pm on January 10.

There were four customers inside, one of whom was Mr Hussain.

Mr Farrow said: “He (Mr Hussain) saw a pair of scissors in the defendant’s hand and thought he was going to be stabbed.“ Mr Hussain was dragged from his seat by Worthington, but managed to break free and Mr Fendlen, who was behind a glass security counter, retreated to a back room when the robber demanded he put money in a bag.

Worthington, of no fixed address, was arrested after a police officer, watching CCTV footage, noticed he had worn the same clothing the previous day in the Asda supermarket.

He pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and possessing a bladed article in public.

Kimberley Morton, defending, stressed that the incident was brief and no one was injured, adding that alcohol abuse and homelessness have been problems for Worthington.

The defendant appeared at court via a video link from Forest Bank prison and the Honorary Recorder of Bolton, Judge Timothy Clayson, sentenced him to three years and six months in prison.

“You effectively caused two people to fear for their safety,” he told Worthington.