THE writer of TV crime drama Prey has been asked to script a remake of ‘60s spy show The Saint.

Chris Lunt, from Horwich, will fly out to Hollywood on May 12 to start working on the first episode before returning home three days later and writing over the summer.

He was asked to get involved after meeting with producer Brad Krevoy — before his debut three-part drama Prey, starring John Simm, had aired on TV.

The Saint, a series thriller starring Roger Moore as fictional detective and thief Simon Templar, first hit the small screen in 1962 and ran for seven years.

The Return of the Saint followed in 1978, with Ian Ogilvy taking on the role of Templar, but only ran for one series.

No official names have been released as yet for who will be playing Templar in the remake, which has been commissioned by Motion Picture Corporation of America.

Chris said: “It came via my agent who came across the fact the series was being re-booted. He put me forward for it. Initially the producer was hesitant to speak to me because all I had done was Prey — and that hadn’t even been on TV at that time.

“But I managed to meet with him when he visited London and within 15 minutes he said he wanted me to be involved.

“I fly over to Hollywood on May 12 and will meet the rest of the team before writing a synopsis of the first episode.

“At this stage there is no guarantee it will be taken on but the fact that they have commissioned me to fly over there and do this is a good sign. I can’t wait to start.”