TOP cops were in the firing land to be splattered this weekend as part of a Greater Manchester Police fun day in Victoria Square.

Inspector Nicki Tompsett bravely volunteered to be put in the stocks and have wet sponges thrown at her, in exchange for donations for Bolton Lads and Girls Club.

Police officers also swapped their batons for football boots, as they took part in a five-a-side tournament against teams from across Bolton.

As well as the fire service and North West Ambulance service, community groups, religious organisation and businesses also put forward teams.

Insp Tompsett said: “It’s a fantastic day and lots of people have come out to support it and throw a sponge at the police.

“I’m wet, but I’m more than happy to take it if it means donations for the Lads and Girls club and the great work they do.”

The police also set up a stall promoting their anti-violence campaign, which works with the charity Every Action Has Consquences to dissude people from getting into fights while on nights out in Bolton.

Insp Tompsett added: “A lot of teams that are taking part in the football are from our night economy, which I’m pleased about.

“It’s important to get the message out there that just one punch can kill, and it’s about highlighting that more to people.

“A big thank you to Decathlon, Sainsburys, Party Delights and Wilkinsons for their help organising the event, and to the council for letting us hold it in the square.”