A MAN launched a “potentially lethal” attack on his housemate with a fire extinguisher — after he used the wrong toilet.

Michael Peatfield, aged 24, attacked Robert Turner after he saw him using a staff toilet in the home for adults with disabilities, where they both lived, in Raphael Street, Halliwell.

Geoff Whelan, prosecuting, said Peatfield went into the kitchen of the home on May 25 last year and told a staff member that Mr Turner had used the staff toilet, which residents were not allowed to use.

Mr Whelan said: “Fifteen minutes later Mr Turner was in his room, where he was watching television.

“The door was shut but was not locked. The door opened and the defendant was there holding a fire extinguisher.

“Mr Turner went to stand up and the defendant thrust the base of the fire extinguisher on his forehead. The blow caused him to fall back on to his bed.”

Bolton Crown Court heard that Mr Turner had undergone brain surgery months earlier and had part of his skull removed, but the strike by Peatfield was to the opposite side of his forehead.

Minutes later he hit the victim again with the base of the fire extinguisher.

Mr Turner was left with cuts on his left ear and chin and needed 12 stitches.

When Peatfield was arrested he said “he acts like he is the alpha male and that really grates on me”.

Peatfield said he felt he was “doing a service to society”.

The court was told that a doctor said the attack could have been “potentially lethal”.

Andrew Costello, prosecuting, asked for a hospital order to be made after recommendations from doctors’ reports.

Judge Timothy Clayson, sentencing, told him: “I am sure you realise what happened was a very serious matter, a very nasty assault.”

Peatfield, who admitted grievous bodily harm with intent, was sentenced to the hospital order and a restriction order, meaning he will continue to be under the care of health professionals until he is not considered a risk to the public.