A CHILD rapist who made a seven-year-old girl urinate on him to re-enact scenes from a hardcore fetish porn movie has been jailed for 24 years.

As he was sent down, 60-year-old child rapist David Thompson was told by the judge: “the scale of your depravity was breathtaking.”

One of Thompson's victims, who was repeatedly raped, was at times forced to watch a hardcore porn film called Beyond Perversion.

Thompson would then commit sex acts on her, urinate on her and make her urinate on him, depicting scenes from the film.

Thompson’s trial at Bolton Crown Court was dramatically halted last Thursday after he admitted 30 charges against two girls including rape, sexually assaulting a child, assaulting a child, causing a child to engage in sexual activity and causing a child to watch a sex act.

But his victims had already had to relive their ordeal, giving evidence to the court, and the younger of the girls, still only aged 11, had to undergo a second invasive medical examination, which ultimately supported her claims.

Phillip Parry, defending, said that, until he pleaded guilty, Thompson, of Presto Gardens, Deane, had been unable to admit to himself and his family what he had done.

Mr Parry also paid tribute to the victims’ families, who had embraced and expressed sympathy with Thompson’s shocked relatives when he changed his plea.

Judge Peter Davies said he was not satisfied Thompson was sincere about his remorse as the guilty pleas only came after medical evidence supported the victim’s allegations.

“You knew what you had done but you chose to contest the case,” he told Thompson, who showed no emotion as he was sentenced.

Thompson pleaded guity to:

  • 6 counts of rape of a child under 13
  • 3 counts of sexual assault of a child under 13 with penetration
  • 12 counts of sexual assault of a child under 13
  • 6 counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity
  • 3 counts of causing a child to watch a sexual act

For two days last week a jury of eight men and four women had heard how Thompson began sexually abusing one seven-year-old girl for two years, starting in 2005.

This was only an experimental “rehearsal” for even worse abuse of Thompson’s second victim, however, the court was told.

The second girl was abused by Thompson for three years, starting when she was seven in 2009.

Thompson would force her to watch a hardcore porn DVD then re-enact the scenes, including raping and urinating on her.

“She was entitled to be treated with kindness and love. What she got instead was brutality,” said Judge Davies.

Thompson had sex with the girl on at least 20 occasions in what Judge Davies described as “a campaign of rape” which caused the child excruciating pain.

“Any mercy you could have shown was sacrificed to your lust,” said the judge, who added that Thompson had committed “shameful, perverse and dehumanising acts of humiliation” on the girl, who has been seriously affected by the crimes.

“Her childhood innocence has been destroyed by the knowledge and experience of activities that no young girl should ever endure,” said Judge Davies.

The girl was too terrified to tell anyone after being warned by Thompson, and the truth only emerged after she played a game of secrets with her sister.

Thompson must now sign the sex offenders’ register indefinitely, is barred from working with children or vulnerable adults, and was given a life-long ban on contact with children.

Members of the girls’ families sobbed quietly as Thompson was sentenced and were too upset to speak afterwards.


But Det Con Lee Grindley, from Bolton police’s child protection unit, said it was one of the worst cases he has ever dealt with.

He said: “Thompson is a depraved individual with extreme pornographic fetishes who subjected two innocent and vulnerable young girls to appalling abuse.

“In the case of one of the girls he went so far as to make her re-enact scenes from a fetish movie and I cannot begin to contemplate the lasting physical and psychological impact this will most likely have on them both.

“They have shown great strength and courage in not only finding a voice to report the abuse, but, at such a young age, in being prepared to give evidence to ensure this dangerous individual has been brought to justice.

“This case shows that, sadly, unimaginable things do happen to the most vulnerable members of our community behind closed doors."

He described both girls as “remarkable”.

They are determined to help other children and want to fund raise for charities which help child sex victims.

“Both the victims are keen that no other children should suffer like they have,” said Det Con Grindley.