A DRUNKEN woman who burst into a family home in the middle of the night armed with a large bread knife has been jailed for four years.

Paula Wainwright, aged 39, of Ivy Bank Road, Astley Bridge, Bolton, burst into the bedroom of a home in Porchester Drive, Radcliffe, on Monday, November 18, where a couple were asleep.

They were woken up as she brandished a large bread knife, which she waved at them while she claimed she was there with bailiffs and that the police were outside.

Wainwright, who was said to appear very drunk and agitated, asked for money and said bailiffs had been round to her address.

She then left the bedroom and rushed around the house, followed by the terrified female occupant, who was worried that she would go into the another bedroom, where her children were asleep.

While they were in the kitchen Wainwright grabbed hold of a laptop and told the woman to back off.

The woman managed to wrestle the laptop away from Wainwright as she continually asked for money.

Her husband shouted that he had called the police and Wainwright became more agitated, the court heard.

When police arrived a few minutes later she ran upstairs and, in her bid to escape, pointed the knife at the officers in an upstairs bedroom.

They had to threaten her with a Taser before she dropped the knife and was arrested.

Wainwright, who is already serving time in Foston Hall, Derby, for another offence, pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary at an earlier hearing at Bolton Crown Court.

Det Con Lindsey Worrall, who investigated the incident, said: "Imagine how this family must have felt when they were woken in the middle of the night by a stranger who was holding a knife and demanding money.

"They had two small children. Wainwright appeared hysterical and out of control and the family feared for their lives."

She added: "No-one should be made to feel so panicked in their own home, particularly when they have young children inside.

"I know that not only did it cause the family a huge amount of distress, but it shocked the entire community living in this area."