A DEAD foal has been dumped in a field at the side of a road in Westhoughton.

The foal, thought to be only a few weeks old, was found by a member of the public on wild land next to a footpath off Platt Lane.

The animal was found with part of its head missing, but the RSPCA said it did not believe the foal’s death was the result of any injury or neglect.

The charity said the incident was the latest in a spate of dead horses and ponies being dumped by “irresponsible owners” wanting to avoid a £200 disposal cost.

Bolton Council was made aware of the discovery, which was on public land, and removed the foal just before 8am yesterday.

The foal was found by Westhoughton resident Yvonne Dickenson last Friday when she was walking her dog along the footpath.

She said: “I could not believe that somebody has just dumped this foal.

“It has really upset me, finding this. When I went down on the Sunday it was still there.

“Why has it been dumped here, in Westhoughton? It is not as if there is nowhere nearby to take a dead animal.

“People walk there with dogs and kids and it is not right that they should find something like this.”

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “An RSPCA inspector attended and examined the foal. It would appear that the foal died, was dumped near the footpath and was then fed on by wildlife after its death.


“There was no evidence that the foal had suffered any injuries or neglect which led to its death and it was not microchipped.

“It must have been very upsetting for the member of the public who found this foal.

“Sadly it is becoming more common for irresponsible owners to dump dead horses and ponies as it can cost around £200 to dispose of them correctly.“