A BUSY Bolton shisha bar has been cleared out in a police and environmental health raid after customers were spotted smoking illegally inside.

The Bunker, also known as Arabian Mist, in Gilnow Lane, Deane, was raided at about 4pm this afternoon after people were seen smoking on the premises.

The business was given a £4,000 fine last year after repeatedly allowing people to smoke on their premises, which is supposed to be smoke-free.

Environmental health workers seized shisha pipes, flavoured tobacco and other items as part of their investigation.

People seen to be smoking in the ground floor of the building gave their details to police before being allowed to leave.

Customers claimed they did not know who the manager of the business was.

After the raid The Arabian Mist tweeted: "We will be closed today. We will put more information on later."

The raid this afternoon was part of a week of action in and around Rumworth.

Sgt Andrea Ennis, from Bolton Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We have been working with trading standards, immigration officers and environmental health to check places out and to educate people.

"We wanted to show people we are out and about here and increasing people’s confidence in the police.


"We have been doing checks to make sure items sold in stores are legitimate.

"One of the items we have been looking for was illicit tobacco.

"Illicit tobacco does not comply with correct labelling as there has got to be health warnings and people selling the cigarettes are taking money away from the exchequer which could be spent on schools on hospitals.”

In other raids today, a 30-year-old man was arrested by immigration officers at P&P Food and Wine in Church Avenue, Deane, on suspicion of absconding, an immigration offence.

He is believed to have been working at the shop at the time.

Checks were carried out at various shops in the area including Polish Food in Derby Street, Daubhill, and Willow News in Willows Lane, Deane, but no crimes were found to have been committed.

Immigration officers temporarily closed Rozan in Deane Road in the morning after a man was found to be working without the correct visa, but the shop reopened a short time later when a manager returned.

Trading standards officers seized a small amount of tobacco - suspected to have been smuggled - from Deane Store in Deane Road.

Kolas in Derby Street was warned to resolve a suspected mice infestation within a week or risk facing further action.

Officials said shops are advised to be wary of people attempting to sell them alcohol and tobacco because being caught with illicit goods could result in prosecution or people having their alcohol licence revoked or suspended.