A MOTHER and son have admitted keeping pets again - after they were banned for life for neglecting a menagerie of 65 animals in their home.

Pauline Sefton, formerly known as Pauline Fearon, and her son Gareth Henderson, were given the lifetime ban in November 2009 after keeping 65 animals in poor conditions at their terraced home in Spa Crescent, Little Hulton.

Despite the ban Sefton, aged 49, changed her name and address, and continued to live with a similar number of animals.

The initial ban was imposed on the pair by Salford Magistrates Court on November 19, 2009.

Sefton, of Ashley Avenue, Breightmet, pleaded guilty to breaching the ban relating to three Rottweiller dogs called Apollo, Simba and Roxy, and two Chihuahuas called Tallulah and Pip bet- ween April 1 and September 26, 2013.

Henderson, aged 26, of Captain Fold Road, Little Hulton, pleaded guilty to two counts of breaching the ban relating to two cats, between July 30 and September 30, 2013 and two kittens between November 30, 2012 and September 30, 2013. Another count was withdrawn.

RSPCA inspector Vicki McDonald said after the case: “I am pleased that Pauline Sefton has entered a guilty plea.

"We take breaches of bans seriously, so this sends out a strong message to anyone who attempts to change their name and address that we can still catch up with them.

“This is someone that had a large number of animals and the reason she was banned in the first place was because she didn’t look after them correctly — yet within a few years she has obtained a similar collection of animals. Hopefully this will encourage her not to do this again.”

After the ban was imposed in 2009, Sefton told The Bolton News: “I am glad I have been banned for life.

"It means I will never end up in this situation again. I love animals but it all got too much.”

Sefton and Henderson will be sentenced at Manchester Magistrates’ Court on June 25.