PEOPLE all over Bolton are going to the polls today for the council and European elections - but who should you vote for, and why?

Here's our guide telling you everying you need to know about today's elections.

1. Where is my nearest polling station?

There's a full list here.

2. Who are the candidates in my area?

There's a full list here. This will be updated with live results tonight.

3. I hate politicians. They're all the same. Why should I vote? 

Read this piece by our political reporter Elaine O'Flynn.

4. Who should I vote for?

Here is what the leaders of the five main political parties in Bolton are promising voters:

5. European election? What's that all about then?

If you don't know much about the EU (which is most people, because, quite frankly, it's baffling), try this guide that tells you who you should vote for on the basis of the policies you support (note - this guide is from an exeternal website and is nothing to with The Bolton News).

And finally...

Don't forget to follow our live online coverage of the elections tonight. We'll tell you everything that's happening as the votes are counted at Bolton Arena.