A BUNGLING thief stole a security camera — but not before the CCTV system had done its job and snapped a picture of the unwitting suspect.

This is the last image of the CCTV system at Bradshaw Cricket Club before the man pictured made off with the camera.

The back door camera was stolen at about 4.30am on May 16 — but not before it got a clear shot of the man, wearing a hooded Adidas jacket and black gloves.

A second camera was then stolen from the side of the building on May 29, but this time the thief covered up the lens as he stole it.

Club secretary Mike Buckley said: “We’ve just had to report a second stolen camera — but unfortunately this time we have no photo so we can’t be sure if it is the same man.

“We think it could be the same guy, but we can’t be sure of course.

“It’s so frustrating. This is a voluntary organisation and replacing the cameras will cost us about £200.

“We have spent so much money over the last year trying to make the cricket club a real community base for families in Bolton, then someone takes that away from us by stealing it not once — but twice.”

It is not the first time the cricket club has been a victim of crime this season.

Vandals damaged two sight screens — days after they were put up at the cricket club in April.

Members had used money from sponsors to build the screens from scratch for £1,000 — thousands of pounds less than the cost of buying new screens.

They were placed at the club in time for the second team’s first game on Easter Sunday, but were damaged on Easter Monday.

A spokesman for GMP said the thefts had been reported to police. He added: “There have been no arrests and inquiries are ongoing.”

Anyone with information can contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.